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Thermal Process Systems

Your partner solutions for pasteurization and sterilization


Thermal Process Systems, also known as TPS Engineering is a reliable and committed partner of the food industry where it comes to processes like cooking, pasteurization, sterilization and cooling.


TPS cooperates with our reliable partner Lagarde Autoclaves, who are central in our solutions.  We do not only look to improve quality, and increase output capacity and efficiency, but also can help you to get a much more energy efficient process. TPS is often consulted to specific product developments and process solutions.


At TPS we know what we talk about having many years of experience of food processing in our team. In this way we can closely study each request for pasteurization or sterilization. Our solution are low-maintenance and water & energy efficient, all this without sacrificing the quality of the end product. Lowest cost per produced unit.


Our mission is to do what we say and provide the right process and good service.



Ir. Rik Valk