Thermal Process Systems, also known as TPS Engineering is both an engineering company as well as equipment supplier with a dynamic view on food processing. Our company, existing since 2006, proves that creative and energy efficient thinking makes our customers progress continuously. TPS supplies reliable solutions for your process. We are technology oriented in order to provide you with the best solution for your case.


TPS supplies autoclaves for vegetable processing, meat processing, petfood, fish products, ready meals, soups, sauces, drinks and various fields of dairy processes, for example ice coffee. Our special knowledge for  thermal processes like thawing, blanching, pasteurizing and sterilization allows us to supply energy efficient and sustainable solutions. We are involves well as systems including process vessels and surface scraped heat exchangers.


Our team is ready to work with you on your project and we can make a preliminary study to check your water and energy consumptions and to advise you the right solution to reduce your production costs. Check the products pages to see where we can help you.


We look forward to hear from you !