Project proceedings 


TPS will receive your enquiry and based on the supplied information an offer can be supplied for the specific project without obligation. TPS works together with professional partners and based on the created solution an agreement will be made. The order confirmation. 


After order and reception of the downpayment, TPS will compose together with their partners a project team to work full-time on the project. This means we will have an internal project manager to take care about planning and start-up of the production process as well as the preparation of the transport and installation if agreed so.


Directly after the agreement we have an internal kick-off to set all specifications and targets and an engineering stage is started. After this phase we shall come back to you to have a final discussion before production. We call this a “stop and go” meeting which we should do generally on site in order to check all final details locally. After this stage it becomes more difficult to make slight modifications. Modifications after the stop and go meeting definitely have cost consequences.


After the production period, you will be invited to come and inspect the equipment. In this stage it is possible to give comments to the execution and slight modifications can still be done at the factory. Modifications might have influence on the final delivery date. Each individual piece of equipment should dry-run before shipment.


The final stages are then outside our factory, being transport to site installation on site of both the mechanical and electronical items and finally the start-up of the complete system.


After industrial start-up we shall have an inspection together on the functioning of the line and sign the commissioning document. This document confirms the acceptance of the line, but indicates also the final obligations of the seller. Industrial use of the equipment means the line has been accepted by the customer and full payment is due. Reservations and comments should me indicated in the signed commissioning document.